We invented and launched an interactive RFID quest for Hyundai in Moscow International Automobile Salon in the summer of 2016. At this event the brand presented the compact Creta crossover. Guests of the stand received personal bracelets with an RFID chip and started the game!

The goal to solve the ten puzzles of Hyundai Creta as quickly as possible. On minimalistic touch-tables players were waiting for the fan questions about key features. For the answer, it was enough to bring the RFID bracelet to one of the mark inside the car. We hid marks in the cabin, the luggage compartment, on the steering wheel and gearbox, under the hood and even in the clearance area.

How it worked

At the touch table we solve a riddle then go to the car, find a mark inside Hyundai Creta, hold near by hand with a bracelet (it is enough to hold in 30-40 cm from the mark). If everything is correct - Creta will tell you with a confident voice about this :) Next the player returns to the touch table for the next question.

At the end of the quest each participant with his braclet can take guaranted can of cola in the vending machine.

At the front desk, promo-staff, using the tablets, registered guests. There were two scenarios:

1. the person came for the first time - in this case he had to go through a full registration.

2. he had already played previously or registered for the quest on the Internet - such a participant received the bracelet immediately.


  • 7 days, from 10:00 to 21:00 non-stop
  • 2437 participants
  • 32 RFID scanners
  • 4000 wristbands
  • 22 arduino
  • 92 accumulators



  • cinder/c++
  • arduino

developed in Family Agency