Family Gift

In the end of 2013, while everyone were packing regular new year presents for clients, we had an idea, which made our lives more difficult but made our colleagues happier. We decided to construct a robot in our office, controlling which clients could have chosen a present for themselfs. All presents were placed in closed boxes and client couldn't have known what's in it before it was carried by the delivery service to his office..

The main trouble was that you controlled robot in a real time and a delay in video should have been minimal, otherwise you controlled it from future to past (hope you understand me:)), or did not controlled it at all, because you couldn't see immediate reaction to your actions.

We made a flash site. Commands were sent via PlayerIO from the site to the server-computer which controlled the robot.

Entering the site, user was connecting to the robot and ina few seconds he was already in our office. He could have moved camera left-right, top-bottom and see presents on shelves and also he saw some parts of our nice office.

Each box had its own marker (AR-technology). Client stopped camera straight at the box that he wanted, pressed the "I want" button and it was booked for him. And in a few hours he had his prize. Until the last second client didn't know about his present. Everyone was really happy.

30 boxes were sent to our superheroes.


  • actionscript/air
  • arduino
  • playerIO server

developed in Family Agency