A large-scale event held at the St. Petersburg experimental shipyard established itself as one of the most exciting Russian music festivals in 2016. This year the festival has grown in scale, with 85 modern musicians and artists from 15 countries of the world coming to St. Petersburg to attend GAMMA — one of the top music, art, and new urban culture festivals in Russia.

The plant was a concentration of works from different areas of art - recycles, graffiti, music, audio-visual art. Installations was located on each floor of the plant. At the festival we did an audio-visual installation "The Room". "The Room" is a surrounding space with a panoramic projection, immersing the viewer into a series of endlessly generated surrealistic dreams.

Each new journey starts in the room. Dreams are based on one of ten prototypes duration of 20-30 seconds.

The worlds were procedurally generated in real time in the Unreal Engine and the TouchDesigner. Communication was carried out through Spout.

GAMMA FESTIVAL 2017 - official aftermovie. Installation timecode 2:17

Music for installation made by Jaćek.


  • unreal engine 4
  • touchdesigner
  • spout
  • glsl
  • resolume

personal project