A small procedural novel based on the Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire".
Video reveals key moments of the story. All art is created using TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine.
Sound Design: original soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal, Agora Fidelio and Andy LaPlegua.

Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had.
— Lestat

My last sunrise. That morning, I was not yet a vampire. And I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely; yet I do not think I remember any other sunrise before it
— Louis

I'd like to meet the devil some night. 'I'd chase him from here to the wilds of the Pacific. I am the devil.
— Lestat

Like all strong people, she suffered always a measure of loneliness; she was a marginal outsider, a secret infidel of a certain sort.

Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history; so she seemed in this age of Napoleon III with her towering buildings, her massive cathedrals, her grand boulevards and ancient winding medieval streets — as vast and indestructible as nature itself.

— Vampires pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires. — Louis
— How avant-garde. — Claudia

If I am an angel, paint me with black wings.
— Claudia

But all my passion went with her golden hair.
I'm a spirit of preternatural flesh. Detached. Unchangeable. Empty.
— Louis

The great adventure of our lives. What does it mean to die when you can live until the end of the world?
and what is 'the end of the world' except a phrase, because who knows even what is the world itself?


  • unreal engine 4
  • touchdesigner
  • glsl

personal project