In my free time I do various experiments.

Generative Art

You can explore my artworks by Instagram hashtag #lifeexeart.
I use different tools and setups: TouchDesinger, Openframeworks, UnrealEngine, Processing, MAX, pure GLSL.

FIVE / Mapping

Tender work for the Moscow International Circle of Light Festival. The "Circle of Light" Moscow international festival is an annual event at which lighting designers and specialists in audiovisual art from various countries reinvent the architectural scene of Moscow by using video mapping. Scenes reveal 5 important milestones in the history of Russia in the 20th century: chess, cosmonautics, avant-garde art, ballet and railroads.


Quick experiment: testing the transfer of textures on a video card with the help of Spout between TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine. Leap Motion added just for fun.

Unreal IOS Native Screenshot

The blueprint functional library plugin for IOS. Native screenshots making + some native features. Written in both Object-C and C++.

  • Screenshots making, saving to IOS photo library, deleting.
  • Text sharing, screenshot sharing.
  • Native alerts, alert sheets with full customization.
  • Status bar showing (dark, light), hiding.
  • Native settings opening.


Tender work for Signal.