Interactive performance "Yota Performance" at the festival of contemporary art FORMA 2017 in Moscow – synthesis of dance performance by Matryoshka in jazz, music by KATE NV and revived graffiti by VOVA NOOTK.

The performance consisted of four conceptual parts:
- asia
- minimal/maximum
- origin
- destruction

Each part had its own unique style and philosophy.

The audience stood around the dancing girls and were themselves part of performance. Four projectors mapped art on the action field.

At the very beginning at the entrance guests downloaded an application, specially developed by us for the performance:


Before the action, viewers, using the application, voted for one of the parts of the dance that they want to see next. The information on the vote was updated by the real-time on the floor of the performance. Voting lasted 30 seconds, then the system automatically launched the part for which the majority voted.

During the dance, the audience influenced the activity of the projection, music and dance, changing the rhythm and drawing of what was happening using the application.


  • touchdesigner
  • qt/c++
  • python
  • resolume

developed in Family Agency